Lillian's Bday

Lillian turns 30 years old on July 7th, 2017.

So for the first day of her thirties, on July 8th, 2017, she is hosting a free, multi-modal scavenger hunt & urban adventure.

Using MAX, Streetcar, aerial tram, bus, and Biketown, players will adventure around the metro area to track clues, complete challenges, and hunt treasure.

It will be super-fun!

We are sold out. Volunteers still needed, though!


  • 10AM

    Players arrive, get instructions, and eat some tasty noms!
  • 11AM

    Game Play Begins!

    Gallivant around Portland and complete 4 challenges!

  • Don't forget to pack a lunch or bring a few bucks.

  • 3PM

    Wrap up your final challenge and head to the end point

  • 5PM

    Awards & Party!

    Expect noms (tacos!) + beverages.

  • 7PM

    Party Wraps

Possibly Asked Questions

Can I just show up on July 8th?

No! I love you and want you there, but this is a pretty massive operation, so pre-registration is necessary. We are sold out, but contact me if you didn't get a spot (or don't remember if you RSVP'd) and we'll work something out!

How long is the game?

Everybody needs to be at the 10 a.m. kickoff. The fun will continue until 4 p.m. The afterparty will be over by sunset because sleeping is nice.

Where do I go to start the game?

If you registered, you should have received instructions and start location in an email. If you did not, let me know at lillian(at)anomalily(dot)net!

What do I need to play?

Once you register, you'll be grouped into a team of three to five players (you can request teammates on the sign up form). All players need to have valid transit fare. At least one of you has to have a smartphone with the twitter app installed and a data plan. A charger and a mobile battery pack is definitely a good idea, too, especially if you’ve only got one phone. A bag to carry stuff. Pen and paper if you want them. A few bucks or a packed lunch. Probably sunscreen because July. A sense of adventure.

Do I need to know about Portland or arcane transportation facts?

A knowledge of Portland geography is helpful, so if you're from out of town, I'll place you on a team with at least one local. If you're handy with a transit map and google, you will be okay, though! This is not cut-throat like transportation trivia!

What do I win?

A small package of silly prizes will go to teams that score the most points or complete a few key challenges. But mostly, this game will be a lot of fun for everybody.

What if I don't know if I'll be available on July 8th because of vacation/politics/impending apocolypse?

You can register "interested but unsure" and I'll check back in with you in June. There's only spots for 60 people to play the game, however, so I can't hold your spot past June 11th. This game will be really fun, though, so see if you can plan to be in town!

Who can play?

The game is designed for adults, but suitable for supervised children 8 and up.

Stroller-aged children/carried infants could participate with parents, if the parents have the stamina for pushing a stroller on and off transit for a few hours. This is at your own discretion.

There's no feats of strength in this game, and bicycling is optional, but participants should be able to climb 3 stairs on a standard school bus with assistance (no wheelchair lift), use MAX and Streetcar and travel by walking or bicycle at least 1/2 mile.

If you have specific questions about disability access or arranging childcare - please let me know - I can likely figure out a way to accommodate you to participate in all the fun!
If you are not up for standing/walking for ~4 hours, we need scorers back at HQ (a fun behind-the-scenes job.)

Will you buy my transit fare that day?

Nope. But if you gather the basic clues and can show valid transit fare, you’ll get a free beverage at the afterparty.

Do I really have to do this on transit?

Yes, you must be on public transportation. No private vehicles allowed - car, bicycle or otherwise. The Biketown portion is optional (you can walk the 1/2 mile instead or hop a bus.)

How will the points be scored?

Full rules will be available one week before the game, if you really want to plan ahead. It's not necessary, though.

What if I can't make it? :(

I'm so sad you can't join. If you don't want me to keep bugging you about the game and letting you know about all the fun you'll be missing out on, please RSVP "I cannot attend" and I'll take you off the email list.

This sounds really awesome but I don't live in Portland.

Come visit! Portland is beautiful in July. You can even make a long weekend of it from 4th of July, perhaps? I'll make sure you get on a team with awesome people.

I mean, a transit-themed scavenger hunt ranks very high on the list of "most Portland-y thing you could do while visiting Portland!"

If you're able to visit, I can likely arrange a couch or guest room for you to stay on - and you can meet a new friend. Just let me know!

Why can't you just have drinks at the bar like a normal person for your birthday?

One of my greatest joys in life is creating big, ridiculous events that other people get to delight in. From 24-hour zine cataloguing competitions to crazy bike rides, I am most at home when I'm creating silly experiences for others.

Who Whacked Faire LeSquare?, Portland Afoot's transit-themed murder mystery hunt (featuring Commissioner Novick in a Zoot Suit and a dragonboat ride) was one of my best days in Portland. I've always wanted to recreate it, so Michael Andersen generously lent me all the materials - and I'm putting my own spin on Portland Afoot's fine work! I figured what better time to do it than my thirtieth birthday!'s based off Who Whacked Faire LeSquare? Will the challenges and route be the same?

Nope, it's a completely new game, with just some of the basic scoring the same. There is no murder mystery theme or any dragon boats this time (but we have our own secret unusual transportation method.)

How do I sign up?

That’s what this page is for! RSVP's are required :-)


The Registration deadline has passed. We're sold out!


We still need (2 more) volunteers on the day of. Position is located in air conditioning and is not an active role. If you're interested in helping out (or if you just have questions) reach out to Lillian lillian(at)anomalily(dot)net!